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Welcome to National Seafood Corporation, We are leading Exporters of Dried Marine Products in India since 1979.

National Seafood Corporation was established as small Fisheries Company in Mumbai, by its Founder and Chairman Mr. Zikar Haji Mohammed Virani on 1st October 1978.

National Seafood Corporation is the fastest growing Manufacturer and Exporters in the west coast of India, which is an abundant source of raw-material and it is easy  to access fresh material at the Processing Center without any delay.

Our main objective is “CONSUMER SAFETY & SATIFACTION”. We export mainly to (Far East) Hong-Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, and UK.

Dry Fish Unit

National Seafood Corporation, the most reliable and the OLDEST Dry Fish Exporters in the Maharashtra State, supplying a variety of valuable products in Fishmaws, Sharkfins, Sting ray skin, Shark Cartiledge and many others to the Various Countries such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam & UK.

We have been awarded for our commitments & Style from the Ministry of Commerce for the best performance in Exports from India in the year of 1998-1999, 1999-2000 & 2008-2009 and We have been recognized by the Government of India as Star Export House since April, 2009.

National Seafood Corporation has its unit in Maharashtra & Gujarat States that have Adavance Dry Fish Processing plants. Our Fishmaws, Sharkfins, Sting ray skin, Shark Cartiledge etc.are very good in Quality, and above all we always give the guarantee of Very Good Service to our clients Whether they are Prospective or Current”

  Dried – Fishmaws
Dried – Fishmaws
Shark fins
Sting Ray Skin
Javanese cow ray gills
Shark Cartiledge

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